Housekeeping, and why I did not put my RPM Challenge CD on blast via Soundcloud, this year

Yes, it’s been a while. I have not been feeling the blogging urge in the last few months.  I have been getting my communication urges out in other ways, and those, frankly, have been more convenient for me.  Which saddens me, because while I enjoy short pithy shifts of thought, I also like to write.  A lot. 


As it is March, and given that it is a time of renewal, here is what is going on with me:


1.  A month ago, I started an account with Jimdo, with which I am building a site.  Once it is done to my specifications, and I finally have further content to release and sell, I will be moving my blogging and promotional hubs over to that site and (possibly) shuttering this blog.  Or I can just use this blog as a repost outlet for things I post over there, who knows?  I am still working things out.


The site is still under construction, so no link from me until it is done.


2.  My Twitter account has virtually been nothing but retweets over the general aggravation of the current administration, and what not.  Starting today, I will work on generating my own content for that source.   I don’t do enough over there.  I would prefer that my tweets not go viral, as I don’t really deal well with haterade all that much, but what the heck?


3.  Every year, I participate in some online challenges called February Album Writing Month and the RPM Challenge, where I, and many others, write and record between 10 and 14 songs (depending on the challenge) during the month of February.  After I complete the challenges, I share my efforts on my Soundcloud and Facebook pages.


I didn’t do that this year.


Frankly, for the most part, the songs I wrote this year sucked.  I did a horrible job singing them, as well.  I just was not into these challenges, as I had other issues to contend with, such as being sick.  I did finish them – barely.  Rather than given them a full blown treatment, I did all my composing and recording, rather quickly and haphazardly, on my iPhone and Yoga Android tablet.  With the exception of one song in particular, I threw down lyrics as they came into my head.  Some of them are ok.  Most of them are crap.  


This means that I have also been thinking about branding.  How  I wish to present myself if I eventually wish to try selling music again.  Throwing demos online is fun and all, but I need to start being a little more professional about how my music sounds to a stranger’s ears.  To that end, I think that, even though most of the songs I did this year are crap, I think maybe three or four are salvageable.  This would be good enough for an EP on BandCamp.  Some of the electronica songs might be saved for an eventual EP as well.  And I feel well enough to sing again.


So, basically, what this boils down to is that I will do some rewriting and rerecording of  tracks, remaster them, and put THOSE on Soundcloud.  Hopefully, this will be completed by late April or early May.   I will also be doing lyric videos for these songs.  Hell, the technology is there.  Why not?


I am also thinking of redoing some of my previous RPM efforts and release those as EPs over the coming year.  The one from 2010 struck a chord with many.  Looking forward to taking a crack at that one.


4.  I also need to do more with my YouTube channel.  As stated previously, I will be doing lyric videos for my EP( s ) once they are released.  I may also do some live performance hangouts, or Facebook live performances.  Safer than playing out, at least for right now.  Stay tuned.


So this is what is going on.  Hopefully, I won’t be a stranger here.  I will do what I can to maintain contact.  Again, stay tuned!