Micro donating

Every year around this time, as with many others, I consider charities to whom I wish to donate. Usually, I wait until Christmas to do this, as it is my birthday tomorrow. This year, though, I decided to start giving a little earlier, as I actually have more scratch than I usually do to spread around, and I can now  afford to act on more of my convictions in a financial sense, if I cannot be there in person to help.

I am not writing this blog post as a self-congratulatory wank off, but to emphasize the importance of charity and empathy. Especially this year, given the nastiness around Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, as well asthe rise of the far right here in Europe, it is more important than ever that the forces for good, for justice, for the eradication of hunger and want, for freedom from harassment and evil, and for speech that does not end in imprisonment or death, be supported and buttressed.

To that end, I had a list of causes I gave money to, as well as a list of causes that I wanted to give money to but:
1. Their donation site’s card processors did not like my VISA
2. They do not accept PayPal or bank transfers in lieu of credit cards
3. Checks are out of the question. Again, this is Europe…
Folks, if you run an online donation site, you need to make it easy for folks to give to your charity. The German ones do it right. I can do a bank transfer or I can do Paypal. Sometimes a card does not cut it.
Anyway, I think I donated to about 7 charities totaling around €150. Yes, its a drop in the bucket. Believe me, if I were a millionaire I would give more.
These were the places I gave to that happily took my money:
PP of N CA
Caritasverband der Erzdiözese München und Freising e.V.
There were a few more I wanted to give to, but again, their card processors on their website did not like my VISA. Oh well, try again later.
Again, it’s imperative that this year, of all years, we provide support to those who need a voice. Sure, my love was spread a bit thin, but I am doing what I can. Hopefully, I can bump things even further next year.