Stolen from Facebook, because this really pissed me off enough to respond. Just not on there.

One of my long time Facebook friends voted “Leave” in yesterday’s UK EU referendum. He has apparently been ostracized enough by others after copping to doing so that he felt compelled to post this on his timeline:


I have long since learned that debating someone on their Facebook wall about their tightly held beliefs is an invitation to disaster (let alone hurt feelings).  So I will deconstruct all of this here.

Some will question why I am speaking to this debate at all, as I am not British and have no dog in this fight.  Answer:  What the British working class and the British elderly (for it was both of those who vote “Leave” in vast amounts) in their bitterness, anger, and ignorance just did was what the American working class and the American elderly are trying to do with Donald Trump: disrupt the rest of the world by throwing a huge ass temper tantrum over how they are “not getting theirs”, because things are changing and they don’t recognize themselves in the shape of things, anymore. The Brexit/EU referendum will affect the European economy, and, by extension, the world economy, for years to come.  Damn right I am going to comment on it!

BTW, this is less about the guy who posted this image on his timeline and more about the guy who created it.  Just wanted to clear that up before we move things forward.

So, some points:

You are not a radical because you support your nation?  No one is questioning you on your support.  Then again, the guy who shot Jo Cox thought he was supporting his nation as well.

You are not a bigot because you support British jobs for British workers?  Do you mean ALL British workers or just the ones you like?  Or the ones that don’t wear hajibs?  Or the ones who’s families have been there for generations as opposed to the ones who have been there for one or two, even though the whole clan has taken citizenship? Or the ones who will take the jobs you don’t want to do? Or the ones that will take jobs that pay little to nothing in someplace like London?  You see where I am going here?

What about the British workers who live and work elsewhere? What about THEIR jobs and THEIR lives? I have already encountered a bunch of folks here in Munich flipped out and depressed over what happened.  Despite your best intentions, your LEAVE vote was not in all of your countrymen’s best interests.  You have now forced over 2 million of your countrymen to reconsider living overseas and return home, adding to your employment and population woes.  Good looking out there.

You are not a racist, you just want to put British people first?  ALL British born people or just the white ones? Or the Christian ones? Or the ones imported from the colonies back in the days of slave labor and indentured servitude?  Or the ones who fled their colonies and came to the UK in hope of promised fortune? Or the ones granted citizenship who came from elsewhere?  Are they not British as well?

You are not intolerant, you just want closed borders to protect your culture and identity? Guess what? EVERYONE wants a part of your culture and identity! That’s a main reason why people come! Are you really happy with half of England becoming a museum piece because of lack of jobs?  Culture needs influx to thrive.  Close your borders, you kill your culture.

You don’t want to be seen as extreme because you want extremists deported?  Or just ones who LOOK like extremists, like that dude with the beard and the skullcap reciting something in a language you don’t understand.  Yep, he’s scary, that one.  Then again, the fella who shot Jo Cox.  HE’s an actual extremist.  Maybe Iceland will have him.

I don’t want spend too much time the last one, because it screams defensiveness beyond belief.  No, you shouldn’t have to explain yourself in your own country.

Except that it’s not just your country.












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