New Song #1 – Take A Moment (initial mix)

Well, as promised last week, here is the first of two songs I did further work on since entering them into the Stagelight monthly song contest. They were done using the Stagelight software (an opinion of which I will share sometime in the future). After the deadline past, I did some further work on them (believe me, they needed it), mastered them in Landr, and you have the results here. I am a little disappointed with the high end still sounding rather spiky, especially with my vocals, and that my attempts at eqing did not fix. I am going to guess that next time, I won’t be lazy and go with my full condenser mic setup, instead of just plugging in a Shure SM57 and letting the chips fall where they may. I am actually rather happy with this song, even if it sounds a little pedestrian. Certainly better than the one I submitted to the Open Labs/Stagelight site. But enough on my opinion. What about yours?

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