An inelegant solution

Feel of the moment: Nachdenkliches Smiley

A lot of you have been kind enough to stick it out with me on my blog as I work through this issue as to why my “Family Says…” video keeps getting stripped of its monetization options on YouTube, resulting in constant reposting (and spreading via IFTTT on to, among  other places, this blog ad nauseum), only to see the monetization options on said video disappear again and again.

I think I found an answer.  One that is probably well known to others, but is new to me.  Because, as with many, I don’t pay alot of attention to fine print.

I was in Serbia last week being a tourist.  I was in a very nice hotel in Novi Sad called the Planeta Inn (seriously, its a nice hotel.  With a couple of exceptions, we had an awful time in Novi Sad, but this hotel was NOT part of those times.  I don’t normally pimp out where I stay, but they could use the business and it’s not expensive.  At all.) and, at this particular time, I was chilling out in the room investigating my YouTube channel when I saw that, dammit, my reuploaded video had its monetization options removed.  Yet again.  With no explanation.  From anyone.  YouTube, whoever I supposedly infringed, nothing.  I decided to try reposting again, but this time, rather than downloading and reuploading the video, using up excessive hotel bandwidth in the process, I just duped the video on the site, made my changes as needed, then saved everything.

That apparently did the trick.  One week later, the monetization options are still there.

What I think is going on is that, as I did this operation in another country, that monetization of music videos on YouTube is not an option in Germany.  Or, at least, it is not an option with independent non-affiliated musicians.  I am guessing, and this is only a guess, that you need to be a member of GEMA before you can profit off your work on any online platform.

If that is so, then…F….that…noise.

Working on this hunch, I have changed my country options on YouTube back to the US, and have resolved to use VPN proxies when uploading my musical content onto my YouTube music channel.

It kind of sucks that I have to work this way.  I hope I am wrong, and that this was just a glitch in the system.  If not, I will just remain defiant. For, as with others who put their stuff out there for show, tell and profit, no one tells me that I cannot make money off of my music.  No one.

I am sure you all feel the same.   We’ll see what happens when my next music video hits YouTube.