So, something rather annoying happened…

Or it’s something that annoyed me.  Or maybe in the grander scheme of things, it was only mildly annoying.  In any case…

This evening, I was poking around my music video channel on YouTube, and noticed that the ability to monetize the video for my song “Family Says” had been removed from the video.  This has happened to me only one other time, and that was when CDBaby claimed the copyright as this particular song was one for which they were collecting royalties for me.  This was an entirely different case, so I checked my email to see if YouTube had sent to me any messages that this song violated someone’s copyright.


I checked the copyright notices area in my Video Manager settings.  One song.  The one for which CDBaby is collecting royalties.

I looked for a section in the video settings where I could turn on monetization.  No dice.  I looked for my original copy on the shared household drive.  DRAT! I probably backed up to this external drive that I am too lazy to get out.  Perplexed and kind of bummed, I downloaded the mp4 from YouTube, copied all the content in the description, then deleted the original upload and reuploaded a fresh new one.  Sure, all my stats and nice comments are no more (I had about 5 comments, 40 views and one like).  But I can use this video to contribute to charity again.

I made this video on my Iphone, and I uploaded it straight from said Iphone, so I am thinking perhaps the iOS version of YouTube sets up videos to not be monetized?  Hmmm…

Here’s the thing, though.  I also wrote the song on my Iphone, using the smart chords module in GarageBand, and utilizing the default chord settings (there are six chords you can use at one time, which is rather limiting for me, as I tend to go as high as 10 to 12 , which is why I get frustrated with the limitation of pop song writing).  Sure, it seems like such a wimpy way to write, but I had something to say.  And I want to help out those less fortunate by saying it. So, of course, anyone could have written this.  The chords are so familiar, that their collection also could have come off of a James Taylor album from 1976, for all I know.

But I don’t know, because no one said anything. All of a sudden, I could not make money with this video, anymore.  Not that it was doing a lot anyway, but…

So, I don’t know what happened, but I hope it doesn’t happen again.  For anyone who is wondering, I have sold two copies of the download of this song.  And I had to make up the difference so I could have a viable contribution to send to Save the Children UK.

Which is fine, but I am hoping I, and we, can do better.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the purchase link:

Thanks, everyone!