Family Says (Refugees Welcome)
Hi all! This is my latest single. All proceeds from sales of this song will benefit charities such as Safe the Children and UNHCR, among others. Eventually, this video will be replaced a lyric video. This video was shot around Dachau Kreis in Bavaria, Germany around mid-August, 2015. The link to buy the song is here: Thanks for listening, buying and sharing with friends! All content ©2015 Helen Sventitsky/JOAT Music. All rights reserved, or attributable via Creative Commons Update: April 19, 2016: For some reason that was unexplained to me, YouTube removed the monetization options from this video, so I had to reupload it. I own the rights and this thing needs to make money, dammit! Anyway, enough with the temper tantrums. Enjoy! via IFTTT