Alternatives to Open Letters

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One of the reasons why I signed up with Medium is the amount and level of conversation on that network.  Also the amount of incredible writing there is overwhelming. 

One thing I found rather amusing is the desire of many on that site to write open letters.  Rather than just comment on a site in question, whether to compliment or condemn, many there would rather provide their tirade as a reading for all, rather than as a direct message to the person intended.  I have certainly been tempted to write some open letters myself – Talia Jane comes to mind, as I have an incredible amount of empathy for her.   However, to give the kind of life advice I would want to provide would force me to re-live the hot mess that I was at 25.  I am in a good headspace now.  Don’t want to go there anymore. 

Then there is the douche bro who whined about the homeless in San Francisco crowding the streets around his house who, deservedly, received everyone’s scorn.  He received mine too, not to mention my pity.  However, rather than unleash yet another open letter regarding his actions, I wrote a song about it, composed the arrangements using Band In A Box, and got my alter ego to sing it for me.

Here are the lyrics. 

Dear Mr. Lee
We’ve got a problem going on up in here
All this riff raff sleeping on my side walk
Keeping me from getting any where

I installed my vapor business from out of town
Paying borrowed cash to keep my streets down
Don’t want no crazy guy with no home and no green
Peeing on the illusion of my big city dream

Chorus:Call your buddy
with the police
To sweep ’em all away from here
We’ve got the money
You’ve got the power
To sweep ’em all away from here

Dear Mr. Lee
I can’t have any fun or reverie
My mom clutches her pearls, my daddy hugs his wallet
Whenever they come by to see me

Don’t care if some greedy landlord started their downward swirl
Or that some B-grade actor set them out into the world
Don’t care if they’re some family with three jobs, dying by degrees
Or if they’re a lawyer with a Phd, living out of his RV


I’ve got a solution
To this problem
Imma sweep ’em all away from here
Never mind that
I helped create this
Imma sweep ’em all away from here

©2016 Helen M. Sventitsky-Rother. All rights reserved

I did everything I could to be sympathetic to his point of view, as I was writing it from that standpoint.  Yeah, riiiiiiiiiight.

I did this song as part of the FAWM Challenge and RPM Challenge.  Out of all the songs I did this past month, this one seemed to come out rather perfect.  What do you think?