Obligations for the Month

So, I was able to also finish some compositions to upload onto my profile at the FAWM website and polish off my participation in FAWM for this year.  They are right here: http://fawm.org/fawmers/bigstarlet/, as I am rather shy about sharing them on Soundcloud, even in my alternate account.  Three are instrumentals.  One was sung embarrassingly badly.  It was best that I hid those out.

All the compositions will need some work.  I am thinking they might be better for covering by other artists, if warranted.  I was going to go into a rant on how they have not built up a hundred listens and 500 likes on Soundcloud, then I have to remind myself that I need to be patient, that Soundcloud is not a mecca for ‘roots’ music, that my voice on the first track on my Shaky Tee playlist is rather husky and off in a few places (we all can’t be Taylor Swift, right?) which might be throwing people off, and that it’s frankly early.  Need to give things time.

Kind of tired of that argument, especially career-wise.  But what can you do?

Besides, my friends liked a lot of the songs, and that is what is important.