As some of you who have followed me for a while know, every February I get involved in a couple of recording challenges: the RPM Challenge and the February Album Writing Month Challenge.  The product of some years turn out better than others, but you get a lot of support – especially from the FAWM group – sometimes, you might end up with something that may be worth it to you to get out to market, which is what I did in 2008.  In the past years, I took whatever provided me the most instantaneous access to my inspiration at the time – whether it be a laptop, a tablet, or my cell phone, and used it to create music for the record.

This year, I plan on doing both something similar and a little different.

This past Christmas, I gifted myself with a massive Band In A Box upgrade, a 61 key MIDI keyboard, a reflexion panel to put on my mike stand and some super cool guitar loops for FL studio.  Given that I now have easier access to do a wider variety of music than I had been doing as of late, I have decided to make a country music record this month.  Or at least one that leans country, with some blues, jazz, reggae etc just for kicks.  So as not to confuse my Soundcloud fans, I am reviving an old moniker of mine under which I used to post my old BIAB compositions back in the very late 90’s, Shaky Tee and the Lo-Hi Fivin’ Orchestra.  This moniker will be set up with its own Soundcloud account, and I will reblog for you all when everything is ready. 

I am actually pretty excited about this.  My songwriting needs some freshening up.  Hopefully, this will work.