With apologies to Dave Matthews…

Kicking off my first weekly update of the year (which has turned out to be biweekly, sometimes monthly, grrrr) with a song I started writing on the last week of December, and just finished writing, well…er…today. The title reflects the fact that this was the 41st song I wrote in 2015, and is not a cover of anything by DMB.

For this track, I utilized the Band In the Box upgrade I gifted myself over the holidays, my old Zoom R16 which I pulled out after a year or so of non-use. I initially created the song on my commute using Chordbot, exported the midi files into FL Studio to be rendered into one set of instruments, then imported the chords into BIAB for another set of instruments. I then threw them all into Reaper and arranged them accordingly. I also made several stabs at the lyrics until I came up with a set that didn’t make me cringe. At least for now. For some reason, this song was a nightmare to mix, as what sounded fine together listening through my laptop sound card sounded horrible, off and icky on the external interfaces and I had to remix the song again, only to have it sound horrible on the laptop. I think it might have to do with how the wave files out of FL and BIAB were rendered. Anyway, after sweating over this for a bit, I am going to set it aside and allow you, dear listener, to be the judge. Should you have any issues with the listening experience on this (outside of the fact that this is an obvious initial runthrough), please let me know.

Onward and upward..