Summer In The Winter Rain

This week’s track was written specifically for entry into the International Songwriting Competition, into the dance category. To be frank, this version is just being used as a place holder, so as I give the contest a link for streaming before the entry time closes at the end of the day, Eastern Standard Time, USA and I can work on getting a better mix, with better vocals together over the weekend to replace the file i just put here on Soundcloud. I have gone through hell and high water this week to complete this damn song, because it seemed EVERYTHING conspired against me completing this on time. But here it is. The mix is frankly terrible, and my early morning, not awake yet vocals sound crappy. In working within the confines of this contest, I have attempted a love song. I am also a little concerned that I am probably am trying to shoehorn too many disparate musical styles into something that sounds like Cole Porter meets Calvin Harris. Again, if there is no rush by the contest personnel to listen right away, I should have a better mix up by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, feedback, as always…


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    1. Thank you, Dave! At the very least, I do my best to get by on effort, if nothing else- šŸ˜‰ Also, I actually was looking at a Borg theme while redoing this website. This was the closest I could get . šŸ˜€

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