Family Says (Refugees Welcome)

So I am back doing the one song a week challenge. For those of you following (or are still bothering to follow) my escapades on this, I apologize for taking a little longer break than expected (ahh…summer…). Anyway, to get myself back into the swing of things, I took a scratchpad thing I wrote earlier this year as part of the FAWM challenge, rewrote about 90% of the lyrics, and add some further movements to the backing track. I also took the opportunity to record using Reaper DAW for the first time, after exporting the backing track from Garageband. Given the subject matter and its urgency at this time, I decided to release it as a charity single. A click on the ‘Buy’ link will take you to the BandCamp page where the download is being sold. Proceeds would not really help me, but assist others in need, such as Save the Children and MercyCorps.

You can also find the lyrics on the BandCamp page, as well:

At this point, if feedback is positive, I will send the song for professional mastering, then on to CD Baby for further distribution in places such as ITunes and Amazon. This is also going on my upcoming EP too.

Thanks for listening, and please tell your friends!