So this afternoon, I was on a short break perusing Twitter when I saw that the Munich police department had put out a call for donations for incoming refugees. I had been tweeting about and retweeting the current refugee crisis on my Twitter account for a while now, and I figured it was about time I put my money where my mouth is. I have a personal interest in the refugee situation as my recent ancestors (i.e. my parents, grandmother and older brother) were once refugees themselves. And because I had it comparatively easy as an immigrant in Germany gives me more of a civic duty to help others coming into this country who came from way less fortunate circumstances. Of course, my lack of hard core German skills limit me in some way, but the least I could do was donate. So, after work, I took the UBahn to Sendlinger Tor to walk to the Main Train station, and stopped at a DM (which is kind of like Longs Drugs, without the pharmacy) to pick up some stuff, which is pictured above. I figured these items might be among the most necessary, and some family could use them. It was stormy by the time I got to the station. I was directed by various police officers to the donation site. Of course, right when I showed up, the gates started closing. I found some girls giving a woman some items, but then after they left, as she saw me step up, she said “Tut mir leid, aber wir können kein mehr haben. Es zu dicke.” At the risk of sounding like an entitled douchebag, to say I was a little infuriated after having spent some bucks and braving the rain only to have my support turned down, especially after seeing someone else’s donation taken right before mine, would be an understatement, but after walking away, and walking off, both my sense of indignation and entitlement, I found myself full of pride for this city, as Munich, for all of it’s snobbery and elitist attitudes, has stepped up in the most amazing way to provide welcome and relief for those in need. The efforts were well coordinated and it appears that the embracement of values around the term “refugees welcome” were truly complete. A lot of people are coming, so I will have the opportunity to give again. Meanwhile… via Instagram