I’m in the process of culling some of my songs in SoundCloud, not taking them off but making a few the more wonkier demos private, until I get a chance to do some further work on them, because frankly some of my performances on them are flat out embarrassing.

Also, for the time being, all of the songs have had the download option removed. I keep hearing too many stories on SoundCloud’s Get Satisfaction support boards about artists getting their songs scraped off the site and put on other sites where they’re being sold illegally, and without their permission. I did a quick search for my own items this morning and while I did see them on some other stuff that I never heard of, it appears that they were just mirror sites with links to my first album on iTunes. So, I think I might have lucked out.

I also find it rather amusing to view these support boards and hear people crying about how SoundCloud removed their mix of other people’s music, and as result, terminated their account. The temptation to throttle their whiny little asses and and scream at them about how you can’t just take other people’s music and call it your own / pop it into your own mix without their permission was quite high. Then again all my stuff is also registered via Creative Commons. I should be a little careful.