Earworm from Hell #3

Today’s third earworm from hell: Like Mich Am Arsch (translation: “Like” My Ass) – Deichkind

Chairdancing Mode: *Squirming and LOLing*

(Un)necessary Comment:
Deichkind is a group of audacious satirists a German Electro-based Hip Hop band, that, like Seeed from my earlier post this morning, have also been around forever and have maintained an intense following over the years (the hip hop scene here is quite diverse).  As you have probably guessed, this song is one big get off my lawn moment about the stupidity of  social networking.  However, its catchy enough (or is considered catchy enough) to have been used in national TV commercials.  I’ll go along with that.

Pearlclutching moment:  This.whole.fucking.video.  The hot mess is intentional, as it is a satire of viral YouTube videos, but still…Germans do not give a flying fuck about your sensibilities.  At all.  And that is both awesome and pearlclutching.


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