Earworm from Hell #1

Today’s earworm from hell:  Augenbling, by Seeed

Chairdancing Mode: It is so ON, my people!

(Un)necessary comment:  Seeed are a German reggae/dance hall band (I didn’t know such a thing was possible until I came here) who have been around for a gajillion years, and have had lots of  hits on the German charts.  They are apparently well known enough, and respected enough, in the reggae world that they are able to get Jamaican toasters and dance hall artists to guest on their records.  Awesome!

My husband said that this song was about not going to Dresden because it was full of racist asshats. One search through Google told me that this was patently not true, and I was deeply disappointed.

Incidentally, the term Augenbling is a Denglish (Deutsch-English) play on the term Augenblick, or eye view.  I think you can figure the rest out.

Pearlclutching moment (aka Trigger Warning):  The lead singer, Peter Fox, gets a nice little shot in the arm from his personal physician starting at about 0:45.  If you are sensitive about seeing needles and/or any kind of drug administration, cover your eyes for about 10 seconds while you wiggle your chairdancing butt around.


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