Adventures in cookery, #13: Cevapcici was a dinner time staple at my house, growing up; it was something from my mom’s childhood that was easy to make, and it tasted good. As I had a packet of frozen ground beef that had been sitting in my freezer for months, I decided this would be as good a time as any to do something like this. I also picked up, and ran through the food processor, a few marinated lamb steaks and followed the directions as specified here:, as it was the least complicated one I had found on the internet (some of the others that I found included baking soda in their ingredients – WHAT? NO! And I also forgot to get pork. Oh well, going halal/kosher tonight), Stored the rolled mixture in the fridge while we watched Good Will Hunting, ran these babies on the grill afterward and hence the awesomeness seen here. Husband objected to the frankly large amount of onions, but outside of that, no complaints. Froze the rest for future use. Will be making this again, via Instagram

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