Some May Haiku (As Afternoon tea fades into the next life)

This week’s track was done in a bit of hurry, as I had been kind of run through the ringer all week, and really didn’t have much time to put together a proper track, let alone sing one. I will redo the vocals next week, and get rid of this pitchy breathiness that I tried to disguise with lots of reverb and delay. The song was composed using Chordbot for Android and recorded and rendered using Audio Evolution Mobile (which has a stable build again!! YAY!!!) using my trusty Shure 57 SM IRig setup. At the risk of looking like a pretentious dolt, I decided to try doing haiku for verses. The results are below. Will need work, as always. Enjoy!

Welcome the morning white
flies dancing
in the fog

Cars shaking pollen
onto rusted bikes

Pollen rains
onto rusted bikes

the old women wonder
who will leave this
village alive

Of course it won’t matter
As afternoon tea fades
into the next life

As afternoon tea fades
into the next life

And my sunflower
sings to the sky
As seasons turn war into peace

©2015 H. Sventitsky-Rother/JOAT Music. All Rights Reserved