Can’t Go There Anymore

This week’s track was written in about two hours. I wanted to keep it simple for this song, and decided to just do a piano ballad. I don’t want to get into too many technical details about it, as they will pretty obvious upon first listen (initial vocal runthrough, backing tracks done via Chordbot on my Android tablet, et. al). All that is left to tell you all is that this song was inspired by, and is about, the Baltimore protest. Lyrics are below. Feedback, as always…

I can’t go there anymore
I get too scared of what my
sons see outside their door

I can’t go there anymore
The trees hide too many
drug deals and junkies in store

Refrain: All around my street
are boarded up windows
kids playing ’round broken cars
At night we sit on the stoop,
look into empty skies and ask
when are we gonna see stars

I can’t go there anymore
Too much trash around
That no one cleans up anymore

I can’t go there anymore
Memory’s too high
Of all that hope that came before


So I tell the kids who are left to have a plan
So they don’t end up dead in a police van
For even if they work out and play their cards right
They’re beaten for walking in the middle of the night
Any mistake they make to reason in their space
Is taken for a threat and they’re shot in the face
for there are those who swear to serve and protect
unless someone’s skin color has an effect

Did someone say hope now…
I’m with the crowds
Marching through Baltimore

though kidnapped past curfew
Bail is too high
But I kept my head on, anymore…

© 2015 Helen Sventitsky-Rother/JOAT Music. All Rights Reserved