Earworms from Hell

I have two today.  Let’s get started.

Today’s first earworm from hell:

This song was actually released in Sweden last year, but, like that Tove Lo song about staying high that is now being played to death on German radio stations (after it was a hit in the US – whoa!), it is now being spun here.  My ever-80’s music lovin’ heart is digging the hell out of the retro groove on this track.  And the guitar solo at the end just kind of sends me to orbit.

Today’s second earworm from hell:

This song has actually been out for a while, but I only started hearing it last weekend when we were so freaked out by the bells and whistles on the rental car that we had no idea how to adjust, that we were stuck listening to one top 40 station, which played this song.  A lot.

If you want proof positive that modern country music and modern pop are now pretty much one in the same, consider that, while it is neither credited or marketed as such, the above track is actually a remix of a song by country crooner Easton Corbin that was released in 2012.  For comparison, here is Easton Corbin singing it below.   Granted, its a bit slower.  Just a bit.

See what I mean?

I am all for crossovers, diluting purities and all that.  And the remix does a nice job of taking what is essentially an “I love you girl lets go party in my truck” track, and adding a bit of melancholy to it.  That said, I need my country to be straight-up country.  I like my Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Merle, Tammy, Loretta, and others to be twangy and tangy, not deep housed and dubstepped.  I found the recent rock influence in country music rather annoying.  This just adds to it.

*Filing in my guilty pleasures section*