Before I start describing this week’s track, I just want to say thank you to all of my regular listeners who put up with my recent silly experiments, mostly concocted to meet requirements. You were patient, and you were lovely.

Anyway, back to normal. This week’s track is a little piece of fluffy pop fluff that I put together on Chordbot on my Android tablet, exported the works into Audio Evolution, dressed it up with some soundfonts (including this funky drum kit that I have always wanted to use), did a few more bits with it, and sang on top of it at the very last minute (the bedroom voice sounds particularly hoarse today. Sorry, will fix). I didn’t write lyrics for this until this morning, when I found myself going through William Shatner’s twitter feed, reading of some fuss kicked up about some fans wanting an actor fired from the TV show Once, so two characters a few have been dreaming about getting together can get “shipped” for real (the things I learn on Tumblr…- for the benefit of folks my age, or close to it, to “ship” is imagine two people, real or otherwise, in a relationship. Its as if you are a dream matchmaker, or something). So, this song is all about “shipping” and “fandom” and OMGWTFBBQ.

I think I like this song enough that I may resing the thing and do a video. Should you care to sing along, bring up your vocal remover, apply it to this track and have a gander at the words below. Feedback, as always, is a lovely thing. Peace.


Chorus: I want to ship every boy, every girl that I see
I want to set this downward running story arc free
I want to ship all these bad plot ideas out to sea
I want to unleash the matchmaker inside of me

I was reading your books and I came up with these plans
I am quite sure that you have no idea who I am
But I had your characters paired up before chapter 3
Then you had to render them asunder on me


You are my favorite author but, darling let’s be clear
I don’t understand what artifice brought him to her
I was pulling for the other hero you had in the back
Angry that two pages later he died in an attack

So I am down with the fandom, my subplotters hit the floors
because my plans for your heroes are better than yours
We shall bring the right man back to the love of Sweetie
We shall make this ship happen, just you wait and see

©2015 Helen Sventitsky/JOAT Music. All Rights Reserved