This has been a weird week

This has been a weird week for a lot of people around here.  It has been a weird week for me.

First was the weather, which I have already talked about.

Second was just the attitude of people in the city.  Everyone’s a little freaked out.  Everyone’s acting a little more aggressive than normal.  I should be used to this by now.  I still get annoyed by guys shoving me out of the way so they can get the seat on public transport I was only marginally interested in using.   But hey! I was only raised with a different concept of  manners, what can I tell you?

Due to the weather, and concerns of public transit being affected by it, I missed my German class.  And I did miss my German class.  I like my teacher.  I am starting to warm up to the other students.  I was getting a good feel for things.  Then the Windocolypse happened.   Its not just the people who are not used to gale-force winds.  Trees here could not deal either, as they fell down and covered tracks.  Grrr…

Anyway, it’s the start of a four-day weekend.  Bavaria is a Catholic state, so Easter is a pretty big deal around here.  One only needed to go to places like Galeria Kaufhof to see the old ladies lined up 3 to 4 deep to buy chocolates for their loved ones.   Last night, we ran into friends of local family while grocery shopping and they invited us to Kegel night in the basement of one of the schools.   Kegel is kind of like bowling, but there are nine pins and they are pulled by strings.  We decided to oblige, figuring we would only stay an hour.  We ended up playing and hanging out the entire evening.  It was good to see the uncle and his lifepartner again, enjoy the company of their friends, and further enhance my German skills.

I am glad for a long weekend, though.  I don’t even have plans.  I just needed a break.

I am also trying out some new free software.  I read about ARC Welder, so I tried running that, in conjunction with Raccoon, on my Windows Laptop.  So far, I cannot get any of the Android apps I downloaded to run, but the thing did come with caveats, so I just need to find the ones that would run.   I also installed PolarBear, which allows me to do a lot of cross posting.  I liked it enough that I have tweaked my auto posting options here on WordPress, and created a new social account on to take advantage of some of the Polar Bear posting features, as connected via  Especially when, after installing the windows client, my attempts to login and connect my Tumblr account resulted in my entire OS crashing.  Not good.  But I found a work around.  No biggie.

Such is my life right now.  I think I need to keep it as boring as possible so to focus on my weekly projects and get some studying done.

It was a weird week.   It’s ending well.