We all need an uncle like Michael Buckley

Seriously, if I had an uncle who was a famous YouTuber who could get me backstage at ALL the primo concerts, my bucket list would be so complete right about now.

But I am 50, anyone even remotely related to my parents from a previous generation is dead, and even if they were still around, they would not know YouTube if it bitchslapped them back from another universe.

Anyway, hey dude hey! This was awesome!

Some of you recall my open letter to Ms. Grande from back in August (I am not linking to it, because I am lazy this morning, and I don’t care) which I wrote as a result of this guy’s and his daughter’s experiences with her.  In hindsight, and in viewing this video, and occasionally reading other stories about her (because I made the mistake of looking her up on Google, and my Google Now app on my tablet won’t stop sending me stories about her.  ARGH!!!!), all I have to add is that:

  • I have heard some more songs from her.  Lovely voice.   Still not a fan.  Oh well.
  • everyone is entitled to an off day here and there.
  • everyone is entitled to protect themselves from being exploited
  • never take your personal issues out on your fans
  • be careful of who you surround yourself with in elevators
  • always be good to your YouTube fans

The cynic in me wants to believe that MAYBE this was all staged,  And that MAYBE she was nice due to a good talking to by her management, at some point.  And that she now gets to hang with Michael Buckley, after he defended her so many times on YouTube and…and….and….

The rest of me jumps in and screams “AREN’T YOU A BIT  OLD TO OBSESS ABOUT THIS!?!?!!?!?!”

This is Buck.  He had fun.  He showed his niece a good time.  In the best way possible. Leave it alone.

And Ms. Grande looked like she had loads of fun as well.  Leave THAT alone, too.

We all need an uncle like Uncle Buck.

Wait, what?

BTW, I am not tagging this, and I am not taking comments.  Arianators scare me.