German Country Living

This week’s song (or, #2 in my 52 Songs and then some project) is basically about, or a parody of, my experiences living in this small Bavarian town that I live in – though I think I failed in the parody part, in that I posted the lyrics for this over on the FAWM website, and the persons who commented on them thought they were lovely. Great. Anyway, I started writing this song last month, and was able to post the lyrics before FAWM closed for this year, so this is also part of my Album Challenge CD.

Having taken in a lot of German pop culture both ancient and current in the time I have been here, I thought I would attempt something that sounded like it would have a hit on the German charts back in the 80’s. I am frankly not happy with the chorus (the harmonies are not all that great), and I am vocally forced into a deadpan tone, as my voice is still shot from my cold. Hopefully, this won’t stop you from enjoying. Feedback, as always, is appreciated.

Oh, and here are the lyrics, in case you wish to sing along:

Mrs. Schwarzenmeyer has a Scottie named Uwe
He likes to dig up grass in her Yard
Grandsons walk by from the Discount Food store
Trying to look so hard
The tractors and farmer’s trucks back up the road
causing traffic on a summer’s day
The grass looks so wonderful up on the hill
why don’t these cranes go away

Chorus: German Country Living
is so inviting
It’s a lady taking a fare
German Country Living
so intoxicating
Don’t you wish you were there
German Country Living
so mesmerizing
you just cannot help but stare
German Country Living
so liberating
it’s as if no one cares

Mr. Ganznormal just finished his driveway
The last cobblestone set off
He has a Brandishing Iron security System
to Keep the Skateboarders off
And the Popfel couple are always in Trouble
with the chickens running over the road
Sure, we try to control them, they said
But they won’t do what their told


Every Saturday I to go to Edeka
And watch rich people battle for Food
while the Santonias from Peru
enter, trying not to be rude

Meanwhile in a roadside chapel glowing
in a little fallen park by a Creek
The candles left by the locked gate
Bear witness to the growing trees