When You Go (Bluegrass demo)

In an effort to reboot my aborted effort to write one song a week for a year, which I started, then abandoned, in 2014 (because there is no way in hell I can put in one song a day as some other artists are, due to my schedule) , I decided to try again this year. I got sparked my recent participation in FAWM/RPM and ideas…boy do I have ideas.

Anyway, I was going to provide you all with one of my unrecorded FAWM tracks to kick off this series, but this song came to me over the weekend, and I decided I needed to put it down. I also decided to have some fun with Band In A Box and do a bluegrass arrangement, along with three part harmony and your typical chord pop setup, along with the Oh Oh Ohs. . All the other recording and processing was done in FL Studio. I used a Shure 57 Mic. If this gets well received, I may work on it some more, so feedback, of any kind, is appreciated.