OK, so now what?

So, I was able to complete both the RPM CD Challenge AND the FAWM Challenge this year.  Barely. 

I had to get by on FAWM by posting lyrics only and saying I had music in mind (which I do, but I ran out of time for performing and recording) and was able to complete the task literally hours before the site was shut for further uploads/record additions.   I actually felt better about the songs I wrote this year, as opposed to last year when I was so obsessed with sound, I forgot about what I wanted to say with that sound.  This year, I frankly had a shit load to say.  So much so that, at times, I had more lyrical content than music to accompany said content. 

And it was just nice to go to the FAWM website and get pointers about how to improve some of the tracks.   The next time,  I should not try to record harmonies or overdubs in Band In A Box.     I also got ideas on how to improve some of the lyrics.  

I have always believed that hearing constructive criticism makes you a better artist, and a better person. 

I also wrote a blog post over at RPM Challenge about my experiences this year.  You can read it at this link:


At this point, I need to ponder, what happens next? Is this stuff ready for prime time? Could I monetize it? Sell it? Top 40 it? Movie trailer it?

Actually, at this point,  I think I just need to write more.  Clean up the songs I have done, and write more.  It’s great that I have put together one of the strongest sets of songs I have done in ages.   But a lot of them still need improvement.  I also cannot let the fire that I stoked last month die.  So, I am going to try again to put out one song a week like I had started to do last year, and then got distracted by a bunch of other issues in my life.   

I was perusing the FAWM website, and there were a few people doing one song a day for the entire year, incorporating the FAWM challenge into their own.  I really admired that, but I would be really concerned with burnout, myself, if I did that sort of thing right now.   I also have some further challenges coming up (i.e. language lessons, work projects) that would preclude me from doing a one song a day project.  One song a week would be more my speed.  At least, for right now.  Some weeks I might even have more than one.  And if things improve as far as the immediate access of my creativity is concerned, then I may consider a song a day next year.

I also need to do music videos of my songs, or at least my better ones, after I do the release on Soundcloud.  Then eventually unleash some EPs on Bandcamp before putting them on CD Baby for digital distribution.  But I am thinking WAY too far ahead here.    I just need to work on getting my writing jones back and start getting better songs together.

I can’t promise much in the way of virtuosity.  Right now, it would be me either entering chords into auto accompaniment software, or playing around in FL Studio (or Caustic if I am using either my tablet or my IPhone, or even Garageband)  to see what I can come up with.  I may incorporate a live guitar later.  I may start with trying to come up with 5 or so ideas at the beginning of each month, then hone them into a song each week.  I would like to get this going by this coming Saturday, and hopefully have something to start with on Monday or Tuesday.  Probably one of the tracks I just have lyrics on FAWM.

Ideas.  I need ideas.  I also need fans.  But again, it starts with the song.  Peace.