Getting ready to unleash some earworms

So, as two or three of you have seen, I took a week off from my job to work on my RPM/FAWM Challenge. The going has been slow, but fruitful.  As of today, I have recorded four rough demos that will have to be sent, along with the other songs I have written, off to New Hampshire to complete the RPM aspect.  It’s not wonderful stuff but its close enough for rock and roll, within the time limit set. They are sketchy enough that I can do further work on them without feeling like I have to sacrifice any initial inspiration.

As you all heard, I released one yesterday, right after “mixdown”.  I did three more today.  I wanted to get all of my Band In The Box compositions out of the way first (there is one more, but I am not too thrilled with how it turned out in this software, so I may export it as a midi file and try fiddling with it in FL Studio some time next month), so as I could get to my Garageband and Chordbot compositions, which I can do in the car, without disturbing the neighbors or the husband over the weekend.  With any luck, I should my stuff done with Chordbot and Garageband completed by Tuesday.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the recordings.  In the last couple of years I did the RPM Challenge, I tried to play big time producer with my tablet.  Especially last year, I felt the quality of the songwriting got sacrificed, especially the lyrics, which disappointed me, because I pride myself as a lyricist.  This year, I am not worrying too much about recording techniques, or arrangements.  I just want to enter chords, write lots of lyrics and sing my little heart out.  The band in the box compositions, as a result, were directly mixed in the software.  Again, they don’t sound great, but they will do the job for now.

Anyway, I am off to upload today’s work into Soundcloud.  You have been warned…