A Life That Matters (Rough Country Sketch Mix)

Song number 2 in my participation in the RPM/FAWM challenges. I don’t normally write country songs, but I I ran through some of the styles in Band in the Box and found this nifty setup. I like to joke that songs played on Country radio in the US these days sound like 80’s era Journey with a fiddle. I also find it amusing that anything that was considered Alternative Country, or Americana, etc, is now considered mainstream. Anyway, I am digressing.

This track is, at this point, just a sketch. I wrote what I could to fit the confines of the song within the current time allotted, but pretty much everything about it will need to be fleshed out at a later date; storyline in the song (I may look to Walking Dead for inspiration-who knows), furthering of the chord structure, varying the melody in the verses, etc. The whole thing was composed, recorded and mixed in Band In A Box, with a bit of trimming done in Audacity afterward. Mic used was a Studio Projects B1 Condenser Mic. I apologize for the sloppy middle chorus. I just did not have time to clean it up, at least for now. Outside of all of that, feed back is always appreciated.