Stubensville (Rough Rock Mix)

After several weeks of trial and lots of error, I have finally finished a full song for the RPM Challenge and February Album Writing Month Challenge. I was pretty stressed for time, and, frankly a little lazy this year and opted to go the auto accompaniment route, in terms of getting the songs written and recorded. So, I invested in a copy of Band In the Box, which I had not touched in over 10 years. I have been overly impressed with all of the features and rather frustrated with the occasional bugginess of the software, but after some trial and a lot of error, I got over the massive learning curve and got a few songs together, one of which I am sharing with you. As stated, this is a really rough mix, down to the offbeat vocals. I think I like this song enough to do some further work on it – tweak the lyrics, change up the arrangement (I originally wanted to do an EDM-type of arrangement, but BIAB is rather adverse to anything dance music oriented). But that will have to be later in the year. In the meantime, feed back, as always, is appreciated.

PS. A trigger warning of sorts. The topic of the song is exactly as stated in the title. If you are the sensitive type I won’t be offended if you don’t listen.



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