I am a horrible blogger (AKA TMI Time, i.e. don’t blog during your period) – stuff and stuff

It’s true.  I keep thinking I have so much to say, but these days, I have a hard time saying it, other than when I am in the throes of a massive PMS jag, as I was the last time I posted in this space (I apologize profusely to anyone who I know offline who may have read this, although I doubt anyone did; the days to and of my monthlies just get worse and worse every month, and around that time, everyone and everything is fucking horrible-the ultimate stoppage cannot come soon enough, I tell ya!).

I also ran out of my blood pressure medication.  It really started hitting me Thursday and Friday, with the dizzy spells, the slight pains in the left arm, back.  I don’t think it was a heart attack, but my body was definitely hinting for help.  I chewed some aspirin and took some iodine supplements; they alleviated things somewhat.  I am going to try to see the doctor tomorrow, if, for nothing else, to get my prescription renewed.

And I have the week off to work on my RPM Challenge/February Album Writing Month project.  Yay! Started five songs.  9 more to go.  So far, they have been composed using autoarrangements and loops.  Bound to piss off some purists out there, but whatever.  I am short of time for fiddling.  What I will probably do is just do what I can, then do some further work on the tracks when the month is done, releasing one as part of my ‘Song a Week’ Project I need to do.   Which looks like will start on March 1st.

Went to husband’s uncle’s birthday party on Valentine’s day.  Traditional Bavarian establishment in J-dorf.  Mostly family and partner’s friends. Made more of an effort to speak German.  Still cannot carry a conversation to save my life, but people were more receptive.  Had a great time, too.  Bavarians are righteous smart asses, which is probably why I feel right at home with them, in spite of the occasional side-eye I get at the local Edeka.

Which meant, we celebrated Valentine’s day here.  Food was excellent, Service was great.  People were friendly.

All in all, in spite of myself, a good weekend.