Adventures in Cookery #11: These beauties seen here are among the first sets of spare ribs we have had since moving to Germany. This came about via Alton Brown’s Who Loves Ya Baby-Back? Recipe that I saw some folks gushing about in a comments section of a foodie blog. Had to make a few amendments of course as: 1. We are just not pepper people, and 2. I had neither brown sugar nor honey available. So I used maple syrup and dispensed with the honey, as the dish was sweet enough, as it is Outside, of that, followed the recipe to the T. Instead of the oven, though, I threw the ribs and braising liquid into the slow cooker and set the temp for medium while we went off about our business in Augsburg for the afternoon. Finished off the ribs in the broiler with some barbeque sauce brushed on. Meat turned out to be melt off the bone delicious. Easily the best thing I have prepared in the slow cooker. Feeling so much better about this utility. I might need to stop doing so many stews with it… via Instagram