Adventures in Cookery #7: I am behind on posting my pictures for this particular series. I had other photos ready to display regarding other dishes I’ve cooked. But right now, I want to talk about my successes. I made this dish on Christmas Day and it was a huge hit: duck legs in red wine sauce, with a side of sweet potatoes. I happen to have all the ingredients to make the sweet potatoes, including the butter, which I ended up having to make myself, as well as, of all things, maple syrup. The red wine sauce recipe called for currant jelly, and as I did not have access to that sort of thing , I made do with a blend of frozen strawberries and pumpkin slices. It looks bad only because I really should have strained the sauce before serving. But no matter. It was delicious, and we ended up splitting a third leg rather than fight over it. via Instagram