Short Warning

I forgot to write my daily blog entry for NaBloPoMo, so this quick little entry is an effort at catching up , even though it’s still 11 pm somewhere.

I read somewhere that Germans are joking about their country becoming more “Americanized”.  And to those who joke of this, I can only pray that your land does not follow the incremental steps that led ours into the overreaching oligarchy that it is today. That your society continues to maintain care for all, and not just the few who can afford it. That your ability to protest will not be stiffled by some judges who were paid off by corporate interests because calls for protection of rights are so inconvenient.  That your people are not smacked down by police utilizing a surplus of military equipment. That the protection of your world would never involve the destruction of others.

And, most importantly, that you continue to learn from your history, and not start degrading others who continue to speak truth to power about the past, because it made the ruling race look bad.

The right wing riots in Cologne and the passage of the minimum wage regulations concern me.  I know you are better than this, Germany. I know some of you are angry. But please don’t go that route. Please.

Stay strong.