You all know I am a bit of a political animal, right? Can’t help it. Runs in my genes.

So, with that out of the way…

For obvious reasons, I was unable to vote in last night’s elections, but, watching the results on my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds, as well on the BBC, Al Jazeera and Der Spiegel international websites (I refuse to ever give CNN the time of day ever again – don’t even talk to me about Fox News) the elections did turn out the way I had expected.

And I was disappointed.

I am not happy that the Republicans won the Senate majority. I am unhappy that Wendy Davis lost.  I am unhappy that Joni Ernst won, and that Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell are still around.  I am unhappy that the Republicans, rather than work on causes that would work toward the betterment of American society, are sworn to dismantle any progress Barack Obama has built over the last 5 years, and Obamacare in particular.

I can only state that I am unhappy.  Any stronger emotion would contribute to the continued polarization of the American public (both in the US and overseas) along political lines.  I am all about bringing people together.  I don’t need that.

Today, I posted this tweet both on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, using UberSocial for Android:

I mildly offended a few people on Twitter and possibly started a fight over at Facebook, as I am friends with folks from the extremes of both major US parties, and then some.

But let’s face it, unless Obama decides to roll over and play dead for the next couple of years (and given his reaction to events such as Ferguson and the NSA debacle, this is, I fear, a distinct possibility), the push and pull between Boehner (or maybe McConnell) and Obama may provide gridlock on getting anything done on Capitol Hill. Americans pride themselves on trying to get as many different voices as they can into the chorus.  And they have a point.  A monolith of one ruling party is frankly not a good thing.  That said, with the viciousness that people view each other these days according to political affiliation, just a request for all to get together for a Kum Ba Yah moment may not be fulfillable for the foreseeable future.

So, with that said, I will be comfortably sitting here in my jammies, eating popcorn, watching the debacle unfold on my tablet, happy to stay in my small town in Southern Germany until the trainwrecks cease.

And stay strong, because they will.

Picture from http:/www.portfolio.alispagnola.com