Adventures in Cookery , #4 (for real, this time). I made another attempt at chicken stock, as the last attempt yielded something more akin to soap water than stock. I mean, let’s face it, if you have to add bouillon to stock in order to add flavor, then you need to sit in the back of the class and sulk. I realized that my big mistake was not noting that the stock recipes I saw on line were using American sized chickens in their stock, which are twice the size of Deutsch ones. So tonight, I threw in to the Crock Pot last night’s dinner (post leftover consumption, of course), the frozen carcass left over from last week’s dinner, the Suppen Greens kit of carrots, celery root, parsley and leeks I got at Edeka a few weeks ago, onions, garlic, Herbes d’ Provence, some iodized salt and a tablespoon of vinegar. Covered the lid, set it to low, and cross my fingers that I wake up to magic the next morning.

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