What am I doing right now? Right now?

I am on hold with O2, waiting to have my services cancelled, and currently having the hold music blasting in my office.   Because from what I understood, the hold time is going to be around 40 minutes, I am currently at lunch, and, at this point, I could do with practicing my Running Man moves over this German pseudo funk that passes for hold music.

15 minutes later….

Some guy just took my call.  I asked if he spoke English.  “Nie, ein moment…”

And possibly another 20 minutes of the proprietary hold music awaits.

Oh well, I need the excersise.  I guess.

Update: Finally I got someone.

I am not even thinking about going anywhere, but I told the guy I was moving and that I did not need the phone number any more.

I am really not sure why I said that, but it is an automatic reaction when I try to cancel a service and the person on the other end asks why.


I mean, if you really need to know, it’s because I am fed up with paying €50 a month for services I never use, with a phone that is broken, and with promised 3G and H+ speed that I can only access deep in the metropolitan area where I work, rather than out in the country, where I live, when I can just preload a prepay phone and go to town.  I also need way better and cheaper portable wifi than I have now.

I am supposed to get a form.  Hopefully, I can straighten this out in my best German possible.  Which, after three years here, is still barely passable.

Please think good thoughts.