Just a quick thought

One of the things I strive to do these days is minimize drama in my life. From both myself and everyone else. It’s been harder to suppress for me, as I have always been a rather demonstrative individual with a nasty temper and I have always gotten away with speaking my mind about things.

Of course, all that changed after I moved here.

In my efforts to fit in and not offend too much, I have turned into what some would call a pushover. It hurts, it’s insulting, but until I can feel more comfortable in a society that may not renew my papers because someone didn’t like how I reacted to something, it is what it is.

Or maybe I’m just being paranoid. But potential confrontations make me nervous, these days. I just back off if something offends me, anymore.

So I always find it amusing when I politely nod my head in understanding (though not necessarily in agreement) with someone who voices a point of view for which I wish to punch him/her in the face for expressing (but can’t because assault and battery laws), and they think I’m with them until they find my socnet pages and see that I’m an aging hippie after all, and come back to me and call me dishonest and hypocritical.

No, I’m not being dishonest. I’m respecting your right to your face-punchable opinion without bringing violence into it.

Because I value my freedom more than my need to be right, these days.